Yield High Performing Results

with Data-Driven AI

SEEENON is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered global influencer marketing agency. We are your full-service solution to creating a high-impact campaign that collaborates with influencers for the Hospitality Industry.

People trust people not ADs

Platforms and social media are presenting an increasingly noisy environment for today’s consumers.

As more and more corporations adopt digital advertising to enhance their online presence, consumers with uninterrupted screen time too often find themselves bombarded with a plethora of information that all compete for their attention.

Our team of experts effectively uses the power of AI with SEEENON’s platform to form a partnership with authentic influencers to help you increase your visibility and go viral with your target audience.

Precisely target any audience

SEEENON’s data-driven database of MILLIONS of influencers

We use AI to strategically identify local influencers similar to your target consumer base to bring you optimal results. Our world’s best tastemakers work with local based restaurants to create eye-catching content and bring you desirable results.

Maximize profitability

Capitalize on our proven scientific-based solution

The performance of our data-driven solution is precisely measured by using industry specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as audience impressions and engagement metrics. We identify common themes such as audience sentiments and condense qualitative and quantitative data into easily understood metrics.

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

Measure predictive analytics with demographics, consumer sentiments, and feedback

SEEENON does not only focus on increasing your repeat customer network, we use data-driven AI to effectively measure and sustain the Life-Time Value (LTV) of your customers.

Why SEEENON works

Uncover limitless potential and make predictions with AI

Influencers powered by AI is the future of Marketing